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 "It has tons of calories, but cheering helps burn it off"

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Alexa Hart


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PostSubject: "It has tons of calories, but cheering helps burn it off"   Sun Feb 26, 2012 11:46 am

"Alright, see ya." I said with a fake smile on my face. I mean come on, the 4th guy today who tried to hit on me. Don't get me wrong, it's sweet and my parents would love any one of these guys but they're just not me. I like unpredictable guys. Not preppy gym pigs that drown in their own sweat while playing some dangerous as hell sport. I was just in front of the Boathouse and thinking about a salad. Delicous. Well, not really. But I absolutely adored honey mustard dressing. It has tons of calories, but cheering helps burn it off. The Boathouse has none, so I'm forced to bring my own which I hide in my bag.

I opened the glass door and stepped in. The Boathouse smelt like oily fries, burnt burgers and tiquilla. A worker there approached me. "Would you like a menu?" He asked. "No, but thanks." I said, smiling. The heels I were walking in were kind of annoying me, but with each passing step all I could think of was sitting by the bar. I remembered to grab my "I.D" YES, fake. But you can't get vodka shots without one.

My bangs were brushing up against my eyebrows as I took a seat.
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Samantha Davis

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PostSubject: Re: "It has tons of calories, but cheering helps burn it off"   Mon Feb 27, 2012 5:12 pm

I decided to scout out the time after the meeting and decided to stop off at the Boathouse. No one knew me since I was keeping a low profile. I walked in an sat at the bar. A waitress came over to take my order. I gave her my order and when she asked what I wanted to drink I told her I wanted a glass of scotch. She gave me a funny look and said she'd need to see my I.D. Being a witch hunter definitely had its perks since they supplied fake I.D.'s that were actually real. I handed her my I.D. and she looked at it. She said that I looked young for my age and handed me my I.D. back. She ran off to go place my order and brought me my drink.
I turned on the bar stool sipping my scotch. I watched a blonde teenager walked in. She was slender and had brown highlights. Her shoes kept clicking on the floor which looked like it annoyed her. She looked like she didn't know where to sit because she kept eyeing the bar. I turned back to the bar as the waitress came back with my order.

OOC: This is for James
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"It has tons of calories, but cheering helps burn it off"
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