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 Power with no Valor

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PostSubject: Power with no Valor   Power with no Valor EmptySat Mar 24, 2012 12:15 am

I sat at the table, examining some of the work that Cassie's Circle has done so far, which was actually quite outstanding. They work faster than, Amelia's Circle, I thought, picking a dark red ruby from the bowl in front of me. It must be Faye's family crystal, I thought, throwing it back in the bowl. I have been worrying everyday on how I'm going to get my power back to save Cassie. I looked at the scar on my hand. It was the same as the medallion, but less power. I am like a lion, but with no fangs and claws. Most of my power is gone, along with the medallion. The only thing this lion has is his pride, I thought.
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Power with no Valor
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