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 Laurel Underwood (Blackwell)

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Laurel Underwood

Laurel Underwood

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PostSubject: Laurel Underwood (Blackwell)   Wed Jun 20, 2012 5:29 pm

Full Name: Laurel Underwood
Nicknames: Laurel, Laurie
Age: 18
Job: student, grade 12
Family: John Blackwell, Father(deceased), Mary-Anne Underwood, Mother, Cassie Blake, Half-Sister, Diana Meade, Half-Sister, other half siblings

Character Face: Lydnsey Fonseca
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: blue-green
Distinguishing Features: piercing eyes

Quirks: Hothead
Likes: Drawing, arguing, playing with her magic
Dislikes:people trying to find the 'good' in her.

Coven/Bloodline:Blackwell and Underwood Bloodline
Years Active: 4
Power Masters:Spells, elements, conjuration

Biography: Laurel was born to Mary-Anne Underwood and John Blackwell. Laurel's mother is a Witch who wasn't to fond of using magic but when she met John that he convinced her to use it. Mary-Anne had begun to fall in love with him and John used this to his advantage. Laurel's mother soon became pregnant with her and John left without a trace.
As Laurel started to grow up she found out she was part of a Circle that included five other members and she decided to join up with them, never tellling her mother about it. As she continued on with the Circle she noticed her powers were alot stronger then the others but it never stopped her from using them. One night in the Circles meeting place an arguement broke out and Laurel's power consumed her and she almost ended up killing one of the members.
The damage though was very bad and she knew she couldn't have down that all on her own. Thats when she found out her Dark Magic and that Sean had it too. The Circle became very strained after that and Laurel then had the pleasure of meeting her father, letting her and Sean know they were related and that he needed their help. John told them everything about their Magic and about their other siblings, Laurel then knew she would always be there to help her father. After a few weeks he disappeared again. Laurel then left the Circle to help her father with his plans and to learn more about the Dark Power that she holds.

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Faye Chamberlain
Faye Chamberlain

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PostSubject: Re: Laurel Underwood (Blackwell)   Wed Jun 20, 2012 5:40 pm

ACCEPTED! Welcome to Chance Harbor

Faye Chamberlain
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Laurel Underwood (Blackwell)
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