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 Devon Bishop

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Devon Bishop

Devon Bishop

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PostSubject: Devon Bishop   Wed Jun 20, 2012 9:47 pm

Full Name: Devon Erin Bishop
Nicknames: Devon
Age: 14 (May 16, 1998)
Job: 10th Grade Student at Chance Harbor High School
Family: Gracie Haines Bishop (Mother, alive) James Arnold Bishop (Father, alive)

Character Face: Kenton Duty
Hair Color: Ashy Blond
Eye Color: Hazel
Distinguishing Features: scrawny, average height

Biography: Devon Bishop was put in an asylum by his own parents, who thought he had a problem. His Magic at the time was out of control, causing his parents to hate him. He had been in the asylum for most of his life, until his cousin, Adam, came and brought him back to his place with him. On the first day of Devon living there, his Magic went out of control, with Adam experiencing it first hand. He told Devon that he would help him control his Magic, and sometimes he did, but most times, he kept his eyes on Cassie Blake. Later on, while being involved with Adam and his Circle, Melissa helped Discover what Devon's Magic is, and why it is hard to control. They had found out that wasn't Dark Magic, but the opposite of that - Light Magic. When he found out, he tried to tell Adam, but he was too busy with other things. He even tried practicing his Magic on his own until John Blackwell came along. Mr. Blackwell showed him how to control the Magic, making it stronger. When John used The Crystal Skull to kill the other Witches. Devon suffered from major burn mark all over his body. He even still has some of the burn marks.
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Faye Chamberlain
Faye Chamberlain

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PostSubject: Re: Devon Bishop   Wed Jun 20, 2012 9:49 pm

ACCEPTED! Welcome to Chance Harbor

Faye Chamberlain
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Devon Bishop
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