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 Kevin Hale

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Kevin Hale

Kevin Hale

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PostSubject: Kevin Hale   Sat Jun 23, 2012 5:16 am

Full Name:Kevin James Hale
Nicknames:Kev, or Kevin
Age:12 (August 14, 2000)
Job:Chance Harbor Middle School
Family:Ellison Hale (Mother, alive), Grayson Hale (Father, alive), Jessica Hale (Sister, passed away), Gaven Hale (Brother, Passed away) Melissa Glaser (Cousin, Alive)

Character Face:Aramis Knight
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Chocolate brown
Distinguishing Features:Spiky Hair, doesn't talk.

Quirks:Doesn't get scared of anything
Likes:playing board games, watches TV,
Dislikes:people picking on him for not talking

Years Active:one
Power Masters:simple magic

Biography:Kevin Hale has never talked at all while still growing up. No one knows why except for people who are in his family. One day, him and his older brother and sisters were outside, walking the streets of Forks, Washington. They were having fun, until a car pulled up in front of them. Three people inside the car got out, and forced them in the car, and drove to an abandoned warehouse. His brother Gaven, was shot in the head, and his sister, Jessica was raped and beaten to Death. The people who kidnapped Kevin, Gaven, and Jessica, left the scene, leaving him for dead. Kevin was there at the Warehouse for three days. Police found him, and his brother and sister. Kevin was 7 years old at that time. He was completely traumatized, not talking ever again. His Magic was activated at the age of eleven, when three kids at his school who were older, beat him up. His Magic made the older boys run away from him. Everyone heard about it, and called a freak of nature. His parents decided to move to Chance Harbor in hopes of Kevin getting better from the emotional stress, and it doesn't really work, until He meets Melissa, his older Cousin, who is the first person to ever make him talk. He tells her about why everyone calls him a freak, and shows her his Magic.
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Kevin Hale
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