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 Cody Wellwood

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Cody Wellwood

Cody Wellwood

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PostSubject: Cody Wellwood   Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:39 pm

Full Name: Cody James Wellwood
Nicknames: N/A
Age: March 12th, 1993 (18)
Job: Student, grade 12
Family: Jefferey (Jeff) Wellwood (believed to be deceased), Elizabeth (Eliza) Wellwood (deceased)
Character Face: Eric Johnson
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Light Blue
Distinguishing Features: Nothing.

Quirks: Paranoia, often looks over his own shoulder.
Likes: Magic, Kayla, loyalty, friendship.
Dislikes: Witch Hunters, traitors, betrayal.

Coven/Bloodline: No circle, Wellwood.
Years Active: 3
Powers Mastered: Spells, Telekinesis (to a point)

Personality: He used to be a kind, gentle kid when he was younger, but witnessing what quality completely. He is now always looking over his shoulder, somewhat paranoid that they will find him again, doesn't really have any friends, just himself and his book of shadows.
Biography: Cody was born outside of Mystic falls, in a small town that he doesn't like to talk about. He had a pretty normal childhood, for a witch. Had his small group of friends he hung around with when growing up, you know the kind. He found his parents to be secretive most of the time, but didn't think much of it because that was just how his family was. Somewhat dysfunctional. But he knew that they loved him. Things began getting more and more difficult at home though around his 14th birthday when he came home one day and found his parents arguing, they tried to talk in a light tone but it seemed the more worked up they got, the louder their voices became. Turned out what they were arguing about was Cody, and something he was born with. He slowly walked up to his room, but stopped behind a wall, wanting to listen to what they were saying.

"He has a right to decide for himself Eliza, I can't hide this from him any longer."

"But Jeff, he is only 14, I don't want him getting killed over this like our friends' have been!"

Cody then peeped his head out, curious what they meant. "Go up to your room, son, we will talk about this later." His dad told him, and he did.

But, his parents never mentioned that night ever again, and when he tried to bring it up all they said to him was, "You will know in good time." What would he know in good time? He needed to know. A few years had then passed, he was 16 when he began having mysterious dreams about magic, and spells, and these really weird manifestations of power within him. The next day, he felt this surge of power, drawing him to one area in the house: His fathers study. He proceeded to open the drawer, but it seemed to be locked. Why don't this stupid thing unlock, I need in! As he then thought those words, he heard a *click* and slowly moved his hand downward onto the handle of the desk drawer before it shot open by itself, and inside lay a book. He did not know what kind of book it was, it was old and dingy with a somewhat thick layer of dust laying on top of it. The cover then was flung open, revealing to Cody different spells and incantations regarding witchcraft, "So, what does this mean, I'm a witch of somesort? This may explain all of the weird dreams I have been having lately" He told himself as he closed the book then closed the drawer back up. Little did he know was that his father was standing at the doorway. "So, son, you finally know what it was that we were talking about a few years ago. I knew that you wanted to be in this life, you were born for it. I've seen you." "You've seen me? How, why?" "It is a long story, I will explain it to you when your mother gets back from shopping." Jeff smiled at his son, but then a witch hunter came up behind his father and slowly pressed a knife to his throat. "Oh, hi there. I was wondering why Eliza didn't come back yet." He said as he tried to fight the hunter, and somehow pushed him backward to the wall. "Run Cody! I'll try and hold him off." Cody did what his father instructed as he bolted for the back door as another hunter came through the side but didn't see the son run out and stayed with Jeff. All that could be heard were manly screams, he wasn't sure whether or not they were his father's or the men that were there. There was a car sitting outside, one of the neighbours' which he then hotwired (Little trade skill he picked up) and drove off, still holding the book in his hand as he laid it down and grabbed the steering wheel.

He drove around a few places, different towns, hoping that those men weren't still on his tail. Most of the time he'd sleep in abandoned warehouses or use some of the money he grabbed before he bolted to get a hotel room under a different name, making sure not to alert anyone. He couldn't protect himself even if he wanted to, the only real spell he used was to unlock a locked drawer, he couldn't hold off men of that size. When he was in motel rooms, and knew he was safe he would open up the book and read the different spells and incantations, hoping one of them would be powerful enough to hold off any enemies to give him time to run away.

A few years passed before he made his way to Chance Harbor. By that time he had no run ins with hunters, had read through his book several times, almost memorizing most of the spells in it. But there were other things written in it, symbols and what they were meant to do, herbs, recipes, things he didn't even know existed. He drove up in his car to a hotel and stayed there for a few could have been his Father's death kind of changed him. He was still kind, but almost lost his gentle nights so he could just walk around and see who was there.
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Faye Chamberlain
Faye Chamberlain

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PostSubject: Re: Cody Wellwood   Thu Jun 28, 2012 10:07 pm


Nice one:)

Faye Chamberlain
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Cody Wellwood
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