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 Eldred Cerotm

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Eldred Cerotm

Eldred Cerotm

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PostSubject: Eldred Cerotm    Mon Jul 09, 2012 1:04 am

[size=11][center]Full Name: Eldred Miles Cerotm
Nicknames: name your character prefers to be called
Age: 15
Job: Student 9th Grade
Family: Evan and Juliet Cerotm /44/ Witch Hunters,Adam Cerotm /16/ 10th grade,Landon Cerotm /13/ 7th grade

Character Face: Logan Lerman
Hair Color: brown with blonde highlights
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Distinguishing Features: his looked

Quirks: reads,is smart,rich,combs hair a lot
Likes: hunting witches,being like his dad,being smart,always caring,friendly
Dislikes: witches,rich,fancy stuff,horror stuff,bats,jerks

Coven/Bloodline:Not Sure
[b]Years Active:
This is my first year
Power Masters:Not sure

Biography: life story and or personality. Well Eldred grew up to loving parents.Eldred dad always hunted witches.Eldred never liked the term of hunting.Eldred was always with his dad on his missions.Eldred was always a nice kid.Eldred worked hard on his life.Eldred was always in the woods hunting witches.Eldred read many books to think.Eldred has always been in school learning.Eldred always was with his brothers for fun.Eldred knew the witches were immortal so he hated it.Eldred was always by his parents to think.
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Adam Conant

Adam Conant

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PostSubject: Re: Eldred Cerotm    Fri Jul 13, 2012 3:19 am

Can you move the app to the character submission section? I can't accpet if its not there Smile sorry for the inconvience.
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Eldred Cerotm
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