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 Noah Crane

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Noah Crane

Noah Crane

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PostSubject: Noah Crane    Tue Nov 20, 2012 10:06 pm

Full Name: Noah Crane
Nicknames: Nolan
Age: Seventeen years old
Job: Senior High School Student.
Family: He currently resides in Chance Harbor with his younger brother Liam, two aunts, and grandparents. Parents deceased murdered by witch hunters likely.

Character Face: Look at the profile please!
Hair Color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown Eyes
Distinguishing Features: He usually has his hair styled upwards using a lot of hair spray and gel. He also has a knife scar on the left side of his torso due to a fight.

Quirks: Whenever he is nervous or anxious, he hums a random tune to calm himself down.
Likes: Cars, motorcycles, girls, technology gadgets, computers, dark magic, animals, food, folk lore, novels, cigarettes, alcohol, and anatomy.
Dislikes: Witch hunters, history about anything, taxidermy, snakes, and fog.

Years Active: Four
Power Masters: Manipulating the element of fire, dark magic (to a minimum), and creating temporarily wards (Not effective as his brother).

Biography: Noah was born in Bakersfield, California. He is the first first born, and eldest within the family. Noah's father the wine maker had future plans for him to take over the Crane craft wine business. Along with passing along his knowledge of magic. Before Noah's father could even get a chance to Liam was born, and he was mysteriously murdered along with his oriental wife. Immediately Noah took on the big brother role, and vowed to protect Liam at all cost. Liam, and Noah were sent to live with various relatives; but the relatives all met the same fate as his parents. The two young boys were sent away from Bakersfield to Chance Harbor to get away from being possible targets of a secret organization of witch hunters. Just like his brother when Noah arrived at Chance Harbor he felt a strange feeling as if he was destined to come here. When Liam told Noah the information he learned; Noah shrugged it off as a joke. However the aunts eventually came clean, and told the two Crane brothers that they were witches. Half blood of the descendants of the Crane family. His grandparents also told them about witch hunters, and warned them to keep their identity a secret or else they would share the same tragic fate as their relatives, and parents. The training process for Liam, and him were extremely long. Liam was more gifted than he was despite him being the oldest child. However he did have a gift to seize control of the element of fire, along with performing more darker spells. Despite his aunt's protest that the dark magic would lead him down the rabbit hole, he practiced it in secret. The more taste he got out of it; the more he desperately want. Noah unlike his younger brother is more of a rebellious teenager. He smokes, drinks, and does anything he wants as long as he's the one having fun. Wrecking havoc, disrupting the balance, and his reckless behaviors shows that. He's generally cold towards strangers he does not know, and easily distrusts people. He acts like he lack intelligent; but really he is extremely smart. People tend to misunderstand his motives and him in general, and they don't know that he does have a soft side.
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Adam Conant

Adam Conant

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PostSubject: Re: Noah Crane    Tue Dec 11, 2012 2:10 am

Accepted! Welcome to Chance Harbor
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Noah Crane
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