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 The Boathouse: Now Hiring

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Adam Conant

Adam Conant

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PostSubject: The Boathouse: Now Hiring   Sun Jan 20, 2013 4:28 am

So Alexa said this was cool but if she changes her mind I'll take it down Smile but anyway the title pretty much explains it all. The Boathouse is hiring. Since TSC has been cancelled and we have been creating our own season 2 I thought why not add some people working at The Boathouse for something different? Anyone can apply. Canons and OCs, witches and witch hunters, humans and Balcoin children(because lets admit, they are their own species o.O). Just apply and I'll let you guys know! BUT considering this site has been a little inactive lately Sad I will be keeping this open for awhile so everyone can get a chance to see this and decide or apply. Like I said, any and all are welcome. Even the actual Circle members. This isn't going to be like an actual application but please answer it like your character would. This is not a comepetition, it does not matter who applies first, it matters about the quality of your 'application'. Also no interview, just hired on the spot Smile Please PM me if you have questions.


Nick name(optional):
Why should The Boathouse hire you?:
What makes you different then the other candidates?:
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The Boathouse: Now Hiring
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