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 David Make

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PostSubject: David Make   Sat Nov 02, 2013 12:42 pm

Full Name:David Make
Nicknames: David, Dav, Davie (By his ex/ futuer girlfriends.)
Age: 18
Job: Student, 12th grade
Family: John Blackwell (Dead) Kate Make (Dead) Catie Look (Adoptive-mother) Doug Look (Adoptive father)  Cassie Blake (Half-sister) Diana Maeda (Half-Sister) 3 other blackwell children (Half-Brother's and sister)

Character Face:David Carreira
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Distinguishing Features: Has dark magic and light magic he isn't part of a circle so have solo magic too.

Quirks:like being on internet
Likes:Likes hanging out with family and friends having both light and dark magic
Dislikes:not having magic and being held captivewhat doesn't he or she like?

Coven/Bloodline: hasn't got a circle yet Make bloodline and Blackwell bloodline
Years Active:1 year
Power Masters:Dark magic, Spell casting, Light magic, telekinesis, element spells, lock unlock

Biography: He was born on March 14 1995 his mother died when he was born and his father left him so he got adopted by Catie and Doug he loves his parents so much he would pretect them all the time but left to go to chance harbor to find his half-Sisters his father died before he got there he didn't feel much pain because he left him so he didn't know who he was he hasn't seen his father in 18 years so he didn't feel anything he couldn't wait to meet Cassie and Diana that would be a happy day for him he uses his Light Magic most of the time he has only used his Dark Magic once when he pretected his adoptive parents.
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David Make
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