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 Diana Meade

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PostSubject: Diana Meade   Sat Nov 02, 2013 2:13 pm

Full Name:Diana Meade
Job: Student, 12 grade
Family:Cassie Blake (Half-Sister) Elizabeth Meade (Mother,Dead) John Blackwell (Bioligical-Father Dead) Charles Meade (Adoptive-Father,Possed by demon) Grant (Boyfriend) Kate Meade (Adoptive-grandma) Four other Blackwell siblings

Character Face:Shelley Hennig
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Distinguishing Features:Was the last one to know that she was a Blackwell child.

Quirks:Likes reading
Likes: Hanging out with friends and Grant likes her magic but uses it responsibly.
Dislikes: Her dark Magic

Coven/Bloodline:Not in the circle anymore, Meade and Balcoin (Blackwell)
Years Active:1
Power Masters:Spells, Elements, Conjuration, Telekinesis( I think), Light Magic.

Biography:Diana was born on April 18th 1995 she was the leader of her circle because she found her book of shadows first the learned their Wicca ways from that she was going out with Adam but when Cassie Blake (Her half-sister) Came Adam started to get feelings for her and Diana clearly saw that but when Adam's father Ethan said that they were destined in the stars she belived him because he had feelings for her and dumped him she later on met Grant her present boyfriend after they killed her father she told Cassie she couldn't take her Black Magic and she said sorry to Cassie and left Now that Grant and her are Back she wants to see Cassie and see how things are what she dosn't know is that all her Blackwell brothers and sister need to reform the circle is that she needed her here now she is everything is going to the bad. She tells Grant she cant leave and Grant said they had to leave in 1 hour she said bye and he said he will return in some months.
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Diana Meade
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