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 Looking For New Mods.

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Faye Chamberlain
Faye Chamberlain

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Looking For New Mods. Empty
PostSubject: Looking For New Mods.   Looking For New Mods. EmptyWed Feb 15, 2012 12:43 am

Hey guys! So I have a few sites on my hands right now and am pretty swamped. I'm sure you can see I'm pretty active on here, but usually I'm just in another tab on ANOTHER site. Alright, on with the announcement. I'm looking for 2 new mods.

Qualifications and Obligations:
-You'll need to be an active poster.
-A dedicated mod.
-Know a little something something about being staff on a site.
-You'll be allowed to moderate forums meaning you'll be able to move topics to the dumpster or another forum. And lock forums as well.
-Most important, you'll be able to accept characters. Meaning if you see an app and it's well and detailed, then you are allowed to accept.

[color=red]ACCEPTED![/color] [color=blue]Welcome to Chance Harbor[/color]

If you are interested, PM me a letter on why you feel you'd be a perfect mod for the site! Wink

XOXO, Your Admin Alexa :3

Faye Chamberlain
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Looking For New Mods.
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