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 Liam Crane

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Liam Crane

Liam Crane

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PostSubject: Liam Crane    Tue Nov 20, 2012 9:20 pm

Full Name: Liam Crane
Nicknames: None
Age: Sixteen years old
Job: Student, Junior Year
Family: His parents died. He lives with his brother (Noah), his two aunts on his father's side, and grandparents.

Character Face: *Look on profile*
Hair Color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Distinguishing Features: Dimples, and his ear to ear soft smile.

Quirks: He has a tendency to bite his either his finger nails or lips out of nowhere.
Likes: Apple cider, cross country/track, tea, writing, magic, the ocean/sea, sunsets, traveling, and friendships.
Dislikes: Witch hunters, necromancy, rude or ignorant people, math, and science.

Years Active: Four years
Power Masters:Creating temporarily wards on objects, surroundings, and even on people. Good with divination/locator spells, and healing spells.

Biography: Liam was born on January the third in Bakesfield, California to an oriental business owner, and a Caucasian wine maker. The Crane family was well known for their red wine throughout Bakesfield. However at a young age both of his parents died mysteriously, and the police claimed it was robbery, and arrested a suspicious man. Liam, and Noah were sent to live with various relatives; but the relatives all met the same fate as his parents. The police once again claimed it was robbery, and sent the two males to Chance Harbor to get away from Bakersfield when Liam was ten years old, and Noah was eleven years old. They will live with their aunts, and grandparents. Liam noticed something strange about Chance Harbor, and it got even stranger when he ease dropped on his grandparents and aunts' conversation the first night he arrived. He learned a lot that one night, and then finally his aunts decided to tell his brother, and him that they were both witches. His grandparents told him what had happened to his parents and the other relatives the two had stayed with, and it involved the witch hunters. The aunts and grandparents warned the two brothers to keep silent of their status in order to avoid death, and involvement with magic. The aunts trained them (Liam at the age of twelve), and afterwards the two crane brothers were active with practicing magic. However Liam was more successful at creating wards, performing healing spells, and effectively using locator spells. He is rather quiet yet friendly most of the times; but once an individual gets to know him, he sometimes never stops talking. He sometimes gets paranoid that he'll be hunted down by a witch hunter.
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Adam Conant

Adam Conant

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PostSubject: Re: Liam Crane    Tue Dec 11, 2012 2:13 am

Accepted! Welcome to Chance Harbor
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Liam Crane
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