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 Cassie Blake

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Cassie Blake

Cassie Blake

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PostSubject: Cassie Blake   Cassie Blake EmptyMon Feb 20, 2012 2:29 pm

Cassie Blake CutieCassie
Name: Cassie Blake

Age/birthday: July 23, 1994-17

School: Chance Harbor High School

Gender: Female

Parents: John Blackwell and Amelia Blake

Coven/Bloodline: Blake, ‘Circle’

Powers mastered: Spells-currently learning her dark magic

Years Active: Less than a year

Brief History: Cassie Blake was moved away from her hometown of Chance Harbor by her mother Amelia Blake when she was born, to protect her. They moved around a lot when Cassie was younger, again because Amelia was trying to protect her daughter. After her mother tragically died, she moved back to Chance Harbor to stay with her grandmother Jane. This is when Cassie found out about her family, and how she was a witch. This was shocking to her and she didn’t believe it at first. Cassie joins her Circle, and learns more about her magic abilities. Soon though she also learns about her father and how he had dark magic, which means she has it as well. Cassie tries to learn her magic as well as to control her dark magic, with the help of the rest of the Circle.

Physical Appearance: Cassie appearance is very easily compared to her mother Amelia, as said by many people who knew her in Chance Harbor. Her wavy hair is golden blonde and falls just below her shoulders. Her eyes are very blue, and seem to sparkle when looked at a certain way. She dresses in an edgy style and loves to wear her leather jacket.

Personality: Although Cassie was very skeptical when it came to her magic, she has the most power of the Circle, or so it seems for now. She sets out to get things done, and if there is something she wants to know she will stop at nothing to find it out which makes her very courageous. She is kind to others, especially new friends, and tries to be helpful. She using sarcasm quite a bit when she talks to others, and tries to hide her worries. When dark magic comes into play, Cassie’s personality seems to be a bit harder than it was before. It causes her to get angry easier as well. Cassie normally likes to keep to herself, but is slowly starting to open up to the Circle members, or at least some of them.

Pets: None.

Other: Her father, John Blackwell, is still alive despite everyone believing he is dead. Cassie is also a descendant to Balcoin, a powerful witch.

It was early on a Saturday morning when a loud ringing noise broke the silence in the room, and Cassie moved around in her bed from the sudden noise. Her eyes peeked open and she turned, the bright numbers on her alarm clock blinding her site a bit but soon everything came to focus. “It’s only six..” She finally muttered, as the loud ringing continued. Her hands scrambled around on her nightstand, now frantically trying to find the source of the noise. By the time her hand grasped her phone, the ringing had stopped. She glanced at the phone, the brightness of the screen making her squint her eyes and she read out loud “One missed call: Adam”. Thoughts wondered through her head, why was he calling her at six in the morning on a Saturday. She shrugged and sat herself up, her room was still dark except for a tiny stream of light from the sunrise, coming through the shade over her window. She sat on the edge of her bed and let her feet dangle there for a moment, then stood herself up. She opened the shade and let in the small amount of light there was, which was enough for her to see through her room.
Cassie walked past her bed to her wall, removing the square piece that was hiding her book. It was still there, which relieved her. She placed the piece back and walked to her dresser, taking out a pair of jeans, along with a shirt, belt, and everything else she needed. As she started to take her shirt off, her door opened and let in more light that was coming from the hallway. Her shirt was completely off now, and Adam stood at the doorway of her room and she quickly covered herself. “Adam!” She said, her voice soft but a bit shocked. He quickly turned and shut the door, and Cassie smiled a bit. She threw her clothes on quickly, going back to her dresser to get a pair of socks and she opened her door. She saw Adam standing there, looking a bit embarrassed to have just walked into her room without knocking. “So Adam..why’d you call me?” She finally asked after having just stood there with him for a moment, the tension between them rising. She knew she liked him, every time they were together she could feel a connection, but she still wasn’t sure what it meant. Adam finally looked up at her, “Well, I wanted to talk to you, sorry it’s so early..”.
It was silent for a moment, and Cassie just watched him. Maybe it was the fact that she was still a bit out of it since she had just woken up, but she wasn’t quite sure what to say. Finally she was able to get out, “Oh..well let’s talk”, even though there were certain things she’d rather not talk about quite yet. Adam nodded and again there was an awkward moment of them just standing, and finally Cassie led the way down the stairs into the kitchen. “Want something to eat..or drink?” She asked Adam, opening the fridge and taking a bottle of water out. Adam shook his head, “No, I’m okay”. Cassie nodded and opened her water, taking a sip. “So, what was it that you wanted to talk to me about?” She asked quietly, not quite sure she wanted to know the answer to it. There was another silent moment, then Adam started to talk.” Well, I wanted to know..if you wanted to hangout together, sometime..or something?” His words were quiet, and Cassie just looked at him and smiled, “Wait, so you woke me up at six in the morning just to ask that?” She chuckled a bit, and Adam slightly smiled, which was what Cassie was hoping for. She didn’t like this awkward feeling that was in the room between them right now. Before Adam had a chance to answer, there was a knock at the door. They looked at each other, then Cassie headed to the door. She opened it to see Diana, which made the fact that Adam was at her house so early in the morning more awkward.
“Hey, Cassie.” Diana said, she was looking at Cassie, until Adam walked up behind Cassie and she noticed him. She didn’t say anything for a moment, just staring, but then shook it off and looked back to Cassie. “We have a problem.” As Diana said that, Cassie looked at her sternly, and then Diana motioned for them to follow her, “Come, quickly.” She spoke, and the two exited the house and closed the door, following behind Diana to wherever she was leading them.
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PostSubject: Re: Cassie Blake   Cassie Blake EmptyMon Feb 20, 2012 7:00 pm

ACCEPTED! Welcome to Chance Harbor

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Cassie Blake
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