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 Cassie Blake

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PostSubject: Cassie Blake   Wed Jun 20, 2012 12:55 am

Full Name: Cassandra Blake
Nicknames: Cassie
Age: 17 (Born March 28, '95)
Job: Waitress
Family: Amelia Blake (mother - deceased)
John Blackwell (father - deceased)
Diana Meade (half sister)
Jane Blake (grandma)
Blackwell siblings

Character Face: Britt Robertson
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: blue
Distinguishing Features: astonishing resemblance to her mother, and crystal blue eyes

Quirks: When she uses dark magic she is seen with an evil look in her eyes.
Likes: hanging out with her friends
Dislikes: demons, faye (kind of), anyone who messes with the people in her life, douches

Coven/Bloodline: "The Circle", Balcoin Bloodline/Blake Bloodline
Years Active: 10 months
Power Masters: spell casting, conjuration, element control, potion making

Biography: Cassie was born in Chance Harbor to Amelia Blake and John Blackwell on July 23, 1994. Her father died not too long after that, and her mother wanted to start a new life with Cassie away from the painful town of Chance Harbor, where she left her mother and, what remained, of her circle. Cassie had no idea of her magical abilities until she moved back to Chance Harbor after her mothers death, so she could live with her grandmother, Jane Blake. Cassie later learns her father had dark magic inside of him, meaning she had darkness inside her as well and the infact her father never died and that he's still alive and hiding. Cassie is often noted for having an undeniable resemblance to her mother, Amelia. Cassie's hair is blonde, which falls past her shoulders into delicate waves. She has deep sea blue eyes, that sparkle with warmth. She wears clothes that fit her loner-ish personality but with a bit of an edge. Her trademark clothing is her leather jacket. Cassie was originally the most skeptical about her magic, but she's come to terms with it. She makes well made decisions and thinks them through, especially when it comes to discovering her mother's hidden past. She is extremely courageous and would do anything to prevent harm from inflicting the Circle, once killing a witch hunter to protect the Circle. She is an avid user of sarcasm and a dry sense of humor, most likely to hide her inner fears and worries. When she first comes to Chance Harbor, she preferred being the 'loner', but once she got warmed up to the circle she became more social. Once she realized had dark magic in her, her personality took a darker tone. Certain dark magic is attatched to emotional triggers, often activating in bursts of anger or fear. She fears the darkness inside her, but she shows signs of wanting to embrace it. ALOT of signs.
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Faye Chamberlain
Faye Chamberlain

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PostSubject: Re: Cassie Blake   Wed Jun 20, 2012 1:31 am

ACCEPTED! Welcome to Chance Harbor

Faye Chamberlain
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Cassie Blake
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